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Jason Vitelli - vocals, keyboards, rhythm/lead guitars, alto sax, bass guitar (4 & 12),

programming, recording, mixing, arrangements and production

Michael O'Brien - bass guitar

Yorgos Maniatis - drums, shaker and pandeiro

Max Castro - congas

Lisa Trenary - backup vocals

Cherette White - backup vocals

Dave Ramsay - lead guitar (3 & 10)

Richard Padrón - lead guitar (15)

Produced by Jason Vitelli 
Copyright © 2017 Maquiladora Music (ASCAP)
Copyright ℗ & © 2017 Jason Vitelli

Recording and Mixing at Top of the World Studios

Mixing and Mastering by Barry Diament at Barry Diament Audio


Jason Vitelli: vocal, acoustic/electric guitar, piano 
Dave Ramsay: piano, electric guitar 
Jiliane Russo: cello 
Qun Ma: french horn 
Kathrine Becker: celeste 
Olivier Prud'homme: bass guitar, electric guitar 
Yorgos Maniatis: drums 
Cherette Lewis: backing vocal 

All songs written by Jason Vitelli 
Copyright © 2011 Maquiladora Music (ASCAP)

Production, recording

and mastering by Barry Diament 
Copyright ℗ & © 2011 Soundkeeper Recordings


All songs written and performed by Jason Vitelli,
except harmonica solo on 'Broken',

performed by Phil Robinson 
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Jason Vitelli 
Copyright © 2008 Maquiladora Music (ASCAP) 
Copyright ℗ & © 2008 Jason Vitelli 
Mastered by Barry Diament at 

Barry Diament Audio, NY

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