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October 17, 2019

I'm excited to announce I've finally landed a tune on terrestrial radio . . . in the United Kingdom! Forest FM 92.3 piqued interest in my NYC subway inspired tune "Last Rites" and in the next couple of weeks are planning to add it to their playlist. Stay tuned literally by listening to their station online or you can ask Alexa to "play Forest FM"!!!

Forest FM poster.jpg

August 31, 2019

Back in June, The Big Sticky Band had reunited after a 9 year hiatus. I was thrilled to help pull the group together with good friend and amazing musician Chuck Dorman. Each player has a unique background which sums up to a wildly entertaining experience. You can watch the videos from our recent gig via the picture to see what all the fuss is about. Trust me, once you come into our orbit, you'll "stick" with us!


April 26, 2019

Here is a glowing write-up from Richard Varey on the New Zealand's online entertainment magazine My album Confluence, which happens to be the third release on the label, was mentioned: "I think Jason is a true original . . . Musically, this is not easy listening, and as a live performance, must have been an emotional experience for all involved . . . With that voice, Jason should be heard by way more music fans."


February 3, 2019

Repost from @themobspress: Only true artists, like our #AOTW @JasonVitelliMusic, know what it's like to make this connection with their audience. Do you remember the first time you felt it? Like, really felt it? Tell us about it.

Also, check out more about Jason on his portfolio page, located on the link in our bio.


December 30, 2018

I am honored to have Head Above Tide on the 2018 Top 10. Much appreciation goes out to writer Phil King for his unbridled support of my work. Folks like him give me the impetus to keep at it!


I'd also like to thank you all for a wonderful 2018. All of your well wishes mean the world to me and I anticipate sharing more with you in the coming year!


Jul 7, 2018

A Triple Bill Extravaganza

We had a wonderful time performing at the triple bill at Desmond's Tavern. Other notable acts of the night were the anthemic Tuesday's Child and the Cabaret band Louette on the Weekends. Keep a look out for another big show in the late fall and check out performance highlights in the "Videos" tab.

Desmonds - Vitelli, Jason smile 2_edited

May 1, 2018

"He becomes a Sisyphus of sorts, constantly rolling his stone up a hill, albeit not haplessly. Along the way, with each concurrent trip of pushing the stone a little further up and up that hill, he uncovers more about the human condition . . . Listen further and you will find an indelible mixture of funk, jazz, soul, folk, rock, and more to scintillate the senses. Give it your heart and you’ll see what Vitelli was aiming for all along." Thank you Jonathan Frahm for the kind words!

For Folks Sake 2_edited.jpg

April 19, 2018


Lyric Video Released

I'm ecstatic to share with you the lyric video for Pinwheel. This Motown inspired tune uses a metaphor of a car accident to describe the confrontations we inevitably face in life. 

Pinwheel Lyric Video

March 10, 2018

Sherryl Craig, in her review, describes the album glowingly and comprehensively - "His analysis and exploration of the conditions and caliber of human life is eloquently expressed in each and every song. “Head Above Tide” is a romance, a comedy, a fantasy, a tragedy and a grand adventure. Your gonna love it."

Nashville Music Guide

February 15, 2018

It is a privilege to be covered by such a established publication - "It’s an album that resists categorization or understanding, and it constantly morphs and evolves, often within a single song. Nevertheless, it is also an album that invites the possibility of understanding with repeated, close listening." 

The Big Takeover

January 27, 2018

Head Above Tide

Album Release at Spectrum

We had a phenomenal performance at Spectrum in Brooklyn and look forward to sharing the video clips with you soon. On 2/24, we'll be having a follow-up release show at Silvana in Harlem.

Spectrum Album Release

December 15, 2017

When you are going through a difficult moment, it helps to realize that persecuted people, even in the throes of despair, have found ways to overcome their struggles.

The Pesecuted Lyric Video

December 1, 2017

What Jason Vitelli has done on Head Above Tide is come up with exactly what he seems to has set out to do - come up with an extremely listenable, smart, ‘intellectual pop’ album."

Handsome singer/songwriter

September 19, 2017


Lyric Video Released

In celebration of this forthcoming scary season, I've created a haunting lyric video of my first single "Labyrinthine" along with my frighteningly amazing collaborator Lisa Trenary. We hope you enjoy it! A free download of the tune is available to all through Halloween; just like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Feel free to leave a comment too :-)

Moonlit Fortress

August 28, 2017

Acoustic Quartet

at LIC Bar

We had a wonderful time performing at the LIC Bar in Queens. It was great to do these stripped down tunes from the new album. Looking forward to performing them with the full band

Moonlit Fortress

August 1, 2017

Head Above Tide Announcement

I'm excited to let you know that my 3rd album "Head Above Tide" is set to drop on January 17, 2018! Stayed tuned for further details regarding the music video and a live performance which will broadcast via Facebook Live.

Head Above Tide Cover.jpg

June 24, 2017

New Blog and Video Series

Recently I started writing a blog, with the first installments detailing the writing and recording process for the new album. It's been fun to read feedback and get ideas for other blog entries. Please don't hesitate to email me with ideas and feel free to leave comments online!

I have begun posting performances on YouTube and Facebook. If you follow/like either page, you can check out renditions of originals and covers, as well as soon to be released material. Let me know if you have any covers in mind and I can try them out.


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