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Jason Vitelli's performances are a practice in communion. Whether he sings for a live show or creates a recording, his goal is the same: To quicken the stirring in our hearts, bringing life to the moment. With that in mind, he feels fortunate he can perform for audiences regularly around the NYC area in the subways and clubs. From the present to future, he hopes his endeavors continue to be a meaningful excursion to the listeners in the fold.


Live at Silvana, Harlem


Live at Silvana, Harlem

Lonely Stranger

By Eric Clapton

Live at Desmond's Tavern

Call Waiting

Live at Arlene's Grocery, NYC

The Persecuted - Lyric Video

Even in the throes of despair, the persecuted have found ways to overcome their struggles

Lonely Stranger

By Eric Clapton

Live at Desmond's Tavern

Say No More

Live at LIC Bar, Queens


Live at Bowery Electric, NYC

Labryinthine - Lyric Video

When escape eludes us and there's no where else to turn

Lower East Sigh (solo)

Live at Amber's Place, a living room concert in NYC

Pinwheel - Lyric Video

A collision can sometimes be the catalyst for change


Live at Arlene's Grocery, NYC

River Nile

Live at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

American Reflection

Live at Kenny's Castaways, NYC

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